We're beyond excited to welcome brides back into our boutiques on 15th June!

For a while once the lockdown has lifted, our appointments will look a little different in order to make things as safe as possible for both staff and brides.

This is everything you need to know before you attend.


What will your appointment be like?

1. We will be allowing up to 3 people per bridal appointment, including the bride.  We have arranged a fantastic selfie space for you to Skype or Zoom call the rest of your family and friends, to make sure they're involved in the process!

For bridesmaid appointments, we will only be allowing the bride and one bridesmaid for now.  We recommend you take full advantage of our selfie zones (read on to find out more!) to involve all your girls in the choice of style, and we will talk you through the process of making sure you're ordering the right sizes for everyone in your bride tribe.  

For alterations, accessories appointments or collections, please come alone for now.  While we're required to limit the number of people in our boutiques at any one time, we're prioritising those brides who are having their first bridal shopping experience.  Being pinned by a seamstress isn't a glamorous process, and there will be plenty of time to show off that gorgeous gown later!  We will still make every effort to give you a wonderful, friendly experience from start to finish.

2. We unfortunately won't be able to allow children aged 11 or younger in our appointments for a while.  Children are more likely to carry Covid-19 and pass it on without showing symptoms, and it can be tricky to make sure your young ones are adhering to social distancing.  We're very sorry for any inconvenience this causes, and we can't wait to be able to welcome your little ones back into our boutiques as well.

3. Our staff will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including visors.  This might look a little strange, but it's still the same friendly bridal advisors underneath!  If you'd like to see what this looks like before you come in, we'll be posting lots of pics on social media.

4.  After the lockdown we have an incredibly high waiting list for appointments.  To adhere to social distancing we won't be able to hold as many appointments at once, and we have implemented a strict cleaning regime which also requires gaps between each appointment.  For this reason, we unfortunately we won't be able to offer you a second appointment after your first.  To help with this, we're allowing you more time during your first appointment instead to help you make your decision.

5.  We won't be offering our usual selection of hand-prepared refreshments, but we will be offering complimentary bottled water to every member of your party when you arrive.  You're also welcome to bring your own glasses and bottle of bubbly to make the occasion more special!

6.  You'll see social distancing zones clearly marked out in all our boutiques.  Don't worry - our staff will help with this if you're not sure.  Our appointment layouts allow for social distancing within your group of guests - so if you and both your guests all live in separate houses, we will make sure everyone is safe.

7.  We have implemented much more stringent regular cleaning processes within our boutiques, so please don't be alarmed if you see these being carried out.

8.  All of our changing rooms are spacious and private, especially as we will be offering fewer appointments in store at any one time.  We will also offer separate customer toilets where possible.  Everything you touch will have been cleaned since the last appointment.

9.  The entire process of your appointment will be contactless.  We will have paperwork for you to sign should you make a purchase, which we will send to your phone or iPad for a signature.  If you don't have a working phone or iPad to use for this, don't worry - we will print a physical copy for you, and you can collect this yourself from our printer.

10.  If you choose to bring guests with you to your appointment, we will allow you to decide whether you'd prefer to be dressed by one of our professional bridal advisors or by a member of your entourage.

What do you need to do?

These are the new rules for your bridal appointment...

1. You will be required to wear PPE during your appointment.  We will be providing PPE, which will then be yours to keep.

2.  For the moment, we will not be able to accept cash - only card payments.  Please come to your appointment prepared for this, as we would hate for you to lose out on reserving your dream dress because of it.

3. Please respect the rules around guests per appointment.  This is for everyone's safety - our staff, every bride and every member of your entourage.  Normally we would never impose a limit on the number of guests you bring and would welcome children, but unfortunately at the moment this just isn't possible. Instead, enjoy our beautiful selfie zone to share the experience with your wider family and friends!

4. You must fill in the enquiry form we send you prior to visiting.  This includes some extra details around safety and hygiene.  We won't be able to confirm your appointment until you've completed your enquiry form.

5.  Please be aware that we may not be able to offer you a second appointment due to the huge demand we're experiencing right now.  We know this might mean you feel extra pressure to make your decision, but we want to make sure you're getting the dress of your dreams.  We'll be giving you extra time during your first appointment instead, so you can try on more dresses, chat about custom alterations, and hopefully have plenty of time to decide whether you've found The One!  If you fall in love, we strongly recommend you reserve the gown that day, but you don't need to pay in full - you can chat to us about putting down a deposit or starting on an interest-free payment plan.

6.  If you're collecting an item, please contact us to arrange this in advance.  Regretfully we won't be able to accept any walk-ins once we reopen.

7.  If you have a child over the age of 11 and will be bringing them along to your appointment, please support us by ensuring they're also respectful of our strict social distancing and hygiene rules.  This means making sure they don't wander around the boutique during the appointment, or needlessly touch the items we have on show.  Please appreciate that if you or any member of your bridal party doesn't adhere to these restrictions, which we must impose in order to reopen, we may be forced to ask them to leave.  Our bridal advisors will hate doing this as they want you to have the best experience possible, but they are required to do so to make sure our boutiques are a safe environment for everyone.

8.  Please avoid coming into our boutiques to make instalments on a payment plan - you can do this via bank transfer or over the phone.  If we haven't already contacted you regarding your payments, please message us for details.